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Are you noticing bees buzzing around your property?

They're likely in search of a new home! Swarming is a natural behavior for bees, but when they choose your roof or wall, it can become problematic.

Welcome to Mr. Bee!

While some might opt for extermination, we prioritize removal and relocation services to ensure a safe environment for both you and the bees. Mr Bee and his team of beekeepers have relocated hundreds of hives throughout Pinellas County, FL. 

We understand the importance of bees in our ecosystem and the crucial role they play in pollination. That’s why we specialize in relocating bee hives, ensuring the bees can continue their vital work while keeping you, your family, and your property safe.

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why choose live removal

Here at Mr. Bee Bee Removal, we’re dedicated to preserving our bee population. Live removal not only ensures the bees’ well-being but also keeps your home free from harsh chemicals. We deeply value these creatures and acknowledge their importance in our ecosystem.Without honeybees and other pollinators, our world would be vastly different!

Exterminating the bees provides only a temporary solution. Due to the attraction of bees to the pheromones and hive material, the area is susceptible to recurrent infestations by new swarms.

Ignoring or exterminating bees without removing the hive can lead to various issues:

methods we use

We offer cut-out and trap-out methods for bee removal as an alternative to extermination.

Cut-out method

The cut-out method is an effective approach for removing bees from a structure while preserving the colony. This method is particularly effective for older, well-established hives that have been present for some time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Assessment: Our team assesses the location of the beehive and determines if the cut-out method is the best approach. This involves inspecting the structure to identify the extent of the infestation and planning the removal process.
  2. Preparation: Before beginning the cut-out, we gather the necessary equipment and protective gear. Safety precautions are paramount to ensure our team,  the bees, and your property are protected throughout the process.
  3. Cutting: Using specialized tools, we carefully cut out the comb containing the bees from the structure. This process requires precision to avoid damaging the surrounding area while extracting the hive intact.
  4. Honey removal: As we cut out the comb, we carefully remove any honey present in the hive. This helps prevent attracting other pests and ensures a thorough removal of the bees’ resources.
  5. Bee relocation: Once the comb and honey are removed, our priority is to safely relocate the bees. We locate the queen bee and transfer her and the rest of the colony to a designated hive.
  6. Transportation: After the bees are safely contained in the hive, arrangements are made for their transportation to a bee yard. This is typically done at night when the bees are less active and easier to handle.
  7. Clean-up: Once the bees are removed, we clean up any remaining hive remnants and repair any damage to the structure caused by the removal process.

The cut-out method typically takes a day to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the hive. At Mr. Bee Bee Removal, we’re experienced in this method and ensure a thorough and efficient removal process while prioritizing the well-being of the bees and minimizing disruption to your property.

Trap-out method

The trap-out method is also a humane and environmentally friendly way to remove bees from structures while preserving the health of the colony. It requires patience, careful monitoring, and expertise to ensure a successful removal process.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Assessment: First, our team assesses the location of the beehive and determines the best approach for trap-out removal. This involves identifying the entry and exit points of the hive and understanding the behavior of the bees.
  2. Installation: We set up a specially designed cone or mesh over the main entrance of the hive. This cone allows bees to exit the hive but prevents them from re-entering. Additionally, we place a baited box near the entrance to attract the bees.
  3. Monitoring: Our team closely monitors the trap-out process to ensure its effectiveness. We observe bee activity, checking for any signs of re-entry or difficulties in the removal process.
  4. Colony relocation: After ensuring that the majority of bees have relocated to the baited box, we carefully remove it from the trap-out setup. The box containing the bees, including the queen, is then transported to a safe location where they can thrive without posing a nuisance to humans.
  5. Hive closure: With all of the bees removed, we seal off the original entry points of the hive to prevent any remaining bees from re-entering. This ensures that the structure is bee-free and ready for any necessary repairs.
  6. Clean-up: Finally, we clean up any remnants of the hive, such as honeycomb and beeswax, from the structure. This helps prevent future infestations and ensures the structural integrity of the building.

This method can take anywhere from a few days to 30 days, depending on when the colony moved in. It is typically used when a colony first moves into a structure, which can take 1-2 days, or when a wall is too expensive or not able to be cut into.

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Animal Reiki TJ
Animal Reiki TJ
April 16, 2024
Mr. Bee is the bee's knees! Ordered Mr. Bee's raw, unfiltered honey and not only is it delicious, it came in a generous bottle size for its quality and very fair price. It compliments my ginger tea wonderfully and enjoying it with oatmeal and salads. Definitely will be ordering again!
Karissa Fernandez
Karissa Fernandez
April 12, 2024
gabby had the sweetest voice and helped us find the best honey! Such a cute store
Klsilliven Silliven
Klsilliven Silliven
April 11, 2024
Great prices and friendly staff.very local honey.
Kelli Winn
Kelli Winn
April 11, 2024
I can't say enough good things about Mr. Bee's beekeeping classes! They were informative and fun. Mr. Bee is super knowledgeable about ethical beekeeping and approachable to ask questions. I feel like I am ready to dive into beekeeping with confidence. Highly recommend!
Laura Banfield
Laura Banfield
April 10, 2024
I took the level one and two beekeeping courses (and will be signing up for the third level). For those new to beekeeping or even just interested in learning more about beekeeping, I could not recommend these classes enough! It is a small setting so you get to ask tons of questions. The information is interesting and well-presented. Also, I bought about 5 bottles of honey after class and all were AMAZING. I will be back to learn more and get more honey!
Gabriella Lopez
Gabriella Lopez
April 10, 2024
I recently joined the beekeeping classes offered by MrBee and I couldn't be happier with my experience. As someone completely new to beekeeping, I was looking for a comprehensive introduction, and these classes delivered beyond my expectations The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about bees, making every session engaging and informative. From learning about hive maintenance to understanding the importance of bees in our ecosystem, I felt like I gained a solid foundation in beekeeping practices. I left each class feeling inspired. Moreover, the sense of community fostered during these classes was remarkable. Interacting with fellow participants who shared the same interest in bees created a supportive environment where we could learn from each other's experiences. Overall, I highly recommend MrBee Honey Emporium beekeeping classes to anyone interested in learning about beekeeping, whether you're a beginner like me or have some experience. It's an enriching and rewarding experience that I'm grateful to have been a part of. Thank you to the team at Mr Bee for offering such a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow.
Cristina Sanchez
Cristina Sanchez
April 7, 2024
Gabi is an absolute gem. So welcoming and friendly as soon as you walk through the door. Very knowledgeable and seems like she has tried many things in the shop which makes her recommendations valuable. I got the Jasmin and honey hand lotion, it’s to die for and my kids love the honey sticks ! Highly recommend.
Nick Ebert
Nick Ebert
March 30, 2024
Great knowledge! They give you samples as well to make sure you like what you’re getting. I will definitely be visiting again real soon!
Toni Winn
Toni Winn
February 8, 2024
Stopped in at the bee store today, and it is so cute! Kelli was very knowledgeable and friendly...even let me sample before I made my purchase. Delicious!! Highly recommend this store.

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